Emotional health/ Addictions


You might benefit from counseling if you have:

  • Difficulty coping with daily stress, you are feeling overwhelmed or your life is becoming unmanageable.
  • Persistent feelings of sadness, worthlessness or depression.
  • Problems adjusting to a new or unexpected life event, such as a loss of a loved one, divorce, unemployment or illness.
  • Suspicions or knowledge that your child is being, or has been sexually abused.
  • Past trauma or abuse that continues to plague your present daily life. 
  • Problems with your child's behavior or a desire to become a more effective parent.
  • Struggles with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, or are a family member tired and confused about a loved one's addictions.
  • Problems with anger or violence or are in a domestic abuse situation.  


Clients typically have different needs and counseling is beneficial for a wide range of emotional problems.

These problems may include the following:

  • Life adjustments 
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Domestic Violence
  • Past or present sexual abuse or rape
  • Trauma
  • Grief and mourning
  • ADHD
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Parenting
  • School problems or Peer pressure
  • Eating disorders
  • Codependency 


Substance abuse and addictions can cause problems for individuals and families in numerous ways.

These problems may include the following:

  • Legal issues
  • Failure to fulfill major life responsibilities
  • Social or interpersonal conflicts
  • Inability to cut down or stop using
  • Withdrawal effects (nausea, hangovers, DT's, passouts, depression, anxiety, etc...)
  • Important social, occupational or recreational activities given up or reduced
  • Family dysfunction and heredity
  • Health problems